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Granny Grabbers readers, click here to go to the kitchen with Chef Grabbers and also find out about what book Grabbers has been reading while recharging her batteries.

For older readers
If you are interested in Ice Angel, click here to read the transcript of a recent radio broadcast by Momma Truth of Barnacle Radio, the one and only outlaw radio station in Rockscar City.

For Otto Fans
Please be patient, your page will be there soon!

For Teachers
Adopt Charlotte Haptie as an author for your school for a term via email!

Charlotte can answer questions about writing, creating characters and being an author, and even look at some students’ creative writing. She can also talk about her newest title, Granny Grabbers’ Whizz Bang World (a comedy about Granny Grabbers, the child care robot who breaks all the rules) and give students challenges and activities connected with the book.

This is an exclusive chance for a class or a year group to develop close links with a critically acclaimed author. For more information, email