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Granny Grabbers

Granny GrabbersGreetings from Chef Grabbers. Today we in kitchen for whizz bang cooking not too expensive headache on the shoppy bill.

First we present

Granny Grabbers Chocolate Splodge Cake. 

Things you need-

Small pan
Bowl for whisking egg
Bigger bowl for mixing mixture
Extra bowl or pan (if you not got another bowl) for when you need dividey mixture into two halves
Wooden-type spoon for mixing
Fork or eggy whisk 
Spoon to use when separating eggy yolk from eggy white
Non-stick roundy cake tin (if not non-stick, some greaseproof paper as well)
Oven gloves or cloth to protecty hands when getting cake out oven
Adult unit to pay for greedients, drive oven and washy up


170g butter or margarine
170g sugar
three quarters cup warmy milk
white parts of 4 eggies

255g self raising flour
vanilla essence
bit more milk to mix it all about
42g  chocolate



1 grease inside of cake tin or, if not non-stick, line with grease proof paper

2 grate up chocolate with grater. Very careful not grate fingers.

3 Dissolve the graty chocolate in teeny bit milk or water by warming very gently in pan

4 mix eggy whites with whisk or ferocious fork until they thick with many bubbles.

5 Get another bowl and mix the butter/margarine until they are all much blurred together

6 Add the eggies whites

7 Now add the flour through a sieve

8 Add the vanilla essence (don’t worry if you not got any of this it is not absolutely essential it just make it taste a bit nicer)

9 You might wish stir in a bit of the warm milk if the mixture like concrete

10 Dividy the mixture into two halves.

11 Add the chocolaty milk/water to one half of mixture

 12 Now you makey splodges-
Grab wooden-type or other big spoon. let spoonful of chocolatey mixture droop into cake tin. Then spoonful of un-chocolaty mixture. Then spoonful of chocolaty mixture. Then spoonful of unchocolatly mixture. And so on. Until all gone.

(You do not mix up mixture in the tin by stirring. Because you have addy the two sorts of mixture in splodges your finished cake nice patterns inside, unique and different every time. Mind you, grabber- cooking always unique and different every time and not necessarily in good way.)   

 13 Put in moderate oven 350 F or gas mark 3-4 for 1 and quarter to 1 and half hours.

 14 Towardy end cooking time have look to make sure it not burning. Maybe turny down heat a bit for last 20mins or so.
15 When firm to touch is ready. Or wash knitting needle and stick in to investigatey internals.

 16 Let cake cool for bit before trying  take it out  tin.

  We hope you enjoys. Always cleans teeth.

Low Budgie Apple and Misshape Peach Fruit Salad

Serving about four human units
This low budgie for ferocious economicals in modern world. Owing high cost fruit, even this humble recipe cost mountie up.  


Things you need

Knife for choppy fruit
Board or other clean surface
Four bowls


1 tin peaches. You get ones with misshapes pieces, they cheaper but taste just as nice. Maybe they in juice, is nice. Sometimes they in light syrups.

3 apples
1 large banana or 2 medium ones
3 little orangey like satisuma (if financials allow, otherwise don’t be worrisome, maybe add another apple)
two handyful sultanas (likewise about financials)

To make

Wash apples. Some human like also to peel. Up to you. And choppy. Not too small. Remove bits core.
Peel and slicey banana
Peel little oranges make into segments
Rinse sultanas under tap in sieve (Grabbers rinse sultanas. Maybe you laugh. In fact, maybe this whole salad make you laugh)
Open tin peaches
Distyboot peachs between four bowls
Distyboot juice/syrup
Disyboot chopped apple, slicey banana and little orangey segment also
Sprinkle sultanas

Stir each bowl to mix greedients and spready about juice/syrup from peaches

We hope you enjoys. Always cleans teeth.

Message from the Secret Room

Greetings. Grabbers takey moment  relax. Is nice with soothy heavy metals music by the Dentists of Doom and ferocious bright green light of personal  palava lamp.

Grabbers hopes you well, eaty your five potions and obtaining big exercising. Some child units have trampoline. Grabbers went on trampoline once. Results extremely high in sky owing presence of Grabbers own springs in additions to springy nature trampolines. Passerbys report unidentified flying object. Grabbers turn over in air. Nearly return to trampoline head firstmost. Undie carriage exposed! Just retrieving from memory circuits now making headlamps turn purple.

Reading with Grabbers. Grabbers reading book given by child unit Delilah as present. Is called The Incredible Inventions of Professor Branestawm by Norman Hunter. Maybe you like. He make many wildy inventions. They not always work like he planning. But Grabbers say Respect.

Grabbers try not to laughy too much while reading. Is midnightie and Delilah and Babbatunde have advised that sound of Grabber laughters like unexpected noomatics drill in bagging area of the night. Might frighten neighbours.

Good night to all and sleeps well.

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